Sunday School Ministry provides classes for scriptural teachings, instructions and Sunday morning Bible Study for various groups serving all ages. It all consists of Superintendents and Teachers who will be preparing the lesson to be taught in class.

Benevolence Ministry is a vital link between those in need and Divine Faith Church, making God’s grace and love real to others by mobilizing resources and providing service to assist individuals within and beyond our Church walls.

Couples Ministry is designed to give married couples an opportunity to enhance their relationships through participating in relational bible studies, fellowshipping with other Christian couples and attending weekend retreats and activities.

Board of Directors manages the church’s properties, equipment and other material welfare as well as spiritual matters. The trustees ae also entrusted with all legal matters of the church.

Hospitality Ministry provides tasty, nutritional meals and refreshments for special events held at Divine Faith Church; from preparation and serving of the meals to the set-up and decoration of the facility. This service is available to all Divine Faith Ministries upon request.

Divine Faith’s Music Ministry exists to bring God Glory through instruments, music, songs and Spirit filled lifestyles. This ministry includes, Sanctuary, Youth, Male and Diva choirs.

Youth Ministry focuses on preparing our students to have a good spiritual life through interactions, relational Bible studies, age appropriate activities and fellowships.

Praise Dancers Ministry involves worship and praise to God through dance and sign language. This art form is perfected through choreographed presentations that are accompanied by inspirational selections that bring glory and honor to God.

Mother’s Ministry will be the spiritual group of the church, helping to bring others closer in their walk with God. They also give advice and information that will help members to be better at what they are doing in the church.

Men’s Ministry provide men with an opportunity to discover and enhance their manhood. Men are encouraged to study God’s word, seek His purpose for their lives, fellowship and build relationships with other Christian men.

Usher’s Ministry is a team of dedicated individuals responsible for providing a genuinely heartfelt welcome to all visitors, from the sidewalk to the sanctuary.

Women’s Ministry is committed to building the entire woman and enhancing the quality of life utilizing biblical principles. It is committed to equip, empower and enrich women to become productive and progressive members in the world around them.

Inreach/Outreach Ministry provides assistance to those in need in our church and local community.

Career Development Ministry facilitates workshops for the development and training of our members. It creates a wholesome environment that will allow our youth to expand their spiritual growth through fellowship and education.

Media Ministry provides technical support for church services and special events including the operation of amplified sound, lights, PowerPoint presentations, website, video equipment, social media and other forms of communication.

Congregational Care Ministry seeks to enhance the lives of Divine Faith Church members through carious health education programs designed to enable members to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Deacon’s Ministry are servants and leaders of ministries who support the work of the church and represent Christ through the action of the Holy Spirit.

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